Season 4, Episode 9 (041)

On this last episode of Cuppa with Heather for the fourth season I was joined by Kerrie Lord who works in the disability sector as a Housing Applications Coordinator, and is a self-taught artist as a small side hustle. She is incredibly humble with a lot of wisdom to share, and it was a huge joy and honour to have her on. She shares with us:

* Her role and passion behind working in disability services

* How she got started as an artist and where it all began

* Advice for starting artists

* Self care discussion

* Quick Fire Five


You can find Kerrie on Instagram: @keggspaints

Etsy store:

Season 4, Episode 8 (040)

On this episode of Cuppa with Heather I was able to invite my friend and colleague, Stacey Whitmore (Sincerely Stace) to join me on the show and share with us, particularly on R U OK? Day in Australia, her journey from making the more from the UK to Australia and her own struggles with mental illness, and her advocacy to help others understand what illnesses look like for different people.


** Trigger Warning **

This episode does talk a lot about OCD, Intrusive thoughts, anxiety, adjustment disorder and depression, so please be advised the contents of this episode do cover these topics and experiences.

If you do need to speak to someone about the experiences you are having or need to possibly reach out find us on our socials or reach out to Lifeline: 13 11 14 or find them on


You can find Stacey on:

Instagram: @staceywhitmore_

Facebook: @SincerelyStace

YouTube: @SincerelyStace

Season 4, Episode 7 (039)

On this episode of Cuppa with Heather it was a true pleasure to invite back two of our previous guests and friends of the show, Aaron Johnston and Nathan Van der Monde. They had their cuppas on hand ready to talk funny moments and realities of being dads as well as experiences of grief and loss.

We wish fathers, and father figures, in our lives a very Happy Father's Day today.


** Trigger Warning **

This episode we do speak about loss due to miscarriage as well as highlight in brief about toxic relationships with fathers and the stigma around masculinity and what it "should" look like. Please be advised if these are sensitive topics for you to listen to at this time to come back at a stage you may be ready to listen. 

If you do need to speak to someone about the experiences you are having or need to possibly reach out find us on our socials or reach out to Lifeline: 13 11 14 or find them on


You can find us on Instagram:

Aaron is @mr.j.learningspace

Nathan is: @mrvandermonde

Heather is: @cuppawithheather

Season 4, Episode 6 (038)

On this episode of Cuppa with Heather I loved getting to know Sarah Carter from heyy_mrscarter on Instagram. She is delightful and humble, and it was lovely having a cuppa with her to talk about:

* being someone who is coeliac and learning to come to terms with health challenges 

* experiences in transitioning from middle primary years to the early years as a teacher

* maintaining positivity and seizing moments while in lockdown

* Quick Fire Five


Sarah's instagram: @heyy_mrscarter

Season 4, Episode 5 (037)

On this episode of Cuppa with Heather I am chatting to the down-to-earth and lovely Laura from Educating Laura. We really had a lovely sit down chat to talk about:

* what balance and self care looks to her

* returning to work and working with secondary students during lockdown

* lessons learned from lockdown

* her podcast, 'After the Bell'

* Quick Fire Five


Laura's instagram: @educatinglaura

Laura's podcast: After the Bell

Season 4, Episode 4 (036)

On this episode of Cuppa with Heather, adding to our Education Week 2021 lineup, I am joined by the enouraging and honest Ash Curmi. From his eight years of teaching experience he definitely has some really great insights and thoughts on:

* how we form, build and maintain positive student-teacher relationships using growth mindet and finding interests

* sharing experiences with educators using social media platforms

* self care practices

* Quick Fire Five


Ash Curmi's teacher instagram: @mrcurmisclassroom

Season 4, Episode 3 (035)

On this episode of Cuppa with Heather, for Education Week 2021, I am joined by the positively vibrant and fun Nathan Van der Monde, who is a former secondary teacher and moved into the primary sector. He shares his wealth of knowledge and experiences with educators through instagram and has made notable appearances on other podcasts such as 'After the Bell' and 'Wine with Teacher'. He shares with us (and has a good old chat with us) about:

* his transition between education fields

* lessons from remote learning

* self care and experiences

* Quick Fire Five


Nathan's instagram: @mrvandermonde

Season 4, Episode 2 (034)

On this episode of Cuppa with Heather, kicking off Education Week for 2021, I am joined a return guest - Fi Morrison. She is absolutely incredible and has given back to the teaching community by launching this year a magazine around the field of STEM. She shares with us:

* the story behind her new found passion and love for all things STEM

* starting STEM ED Magazine

* what she hopes the magazine offers educators

* Quick Fire Five


STEM ED Magazine:

STEM ED Magazine can also be found on social media: @stemedmagazine

Season 4, Episode 1 (033)

On this first episode back for our fourth season we have Danijela Prahovic, the director and founder of InnerSparQ, south-west Sydney. She shares with us:

* her journey into launching her own business

* her why for working with people

* what InnerSparQ does for clients

* Self-care activity

* NEW - Quick Fire Five (new format)



Danijela and her team can be found both on Instagram and Facebook: @innersparq

In this episode of The Side Menu, I wanted to share some thoughts and encouragement on following new paths in your life - whether it is for your career or hobby. Using my podcast as a poor example, and sharing a story I found via a news website I hope just even a few thoughts I share encourages you.

Feel free to share with us, via our socials, your story if you would like and love to encourage you any way I can. May you find your tribe, or community, who will uplift you and champion you towards the change you crave.


Continue to stay safe and well during this time.

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