Episode 11

In our final episode for season one I chat to Nick 'Thumbs' Thompson over a strong coffee (with two sugars) joining me on Zoom all the way from London, UK. Nick shares with us:

* about himself

* his passion for art, design, and pop culture

* how he found his drive to design with support from his partner

* Self care to avoid creative burn out and stay passionate

* 'Quick Fire Five' round


You can find Nick's work on:

Instagram @thumbs1

Facebook & Twitter @artbythumbs

Episode 10

Over an instant coffee I chat to Natalie Street, of the Streets' Sweets in Sydney via Zoom. Natalie shares with us:

* about herself

* being involved in wellbeing at her school

* her involvement in making sweet treats with her partner

* Self care to take care of family and run a business, work and all that jazz!


* 'Quick Fire Five' round


You can find the Streets' Sweets on Facebook or instagram: @thestreetssweets

Quote 'cuppa10' for a 10% discount off your orders with them until August 1st 2020.

Episode 9

Over a triple shot latte I chat to Alia Gurtner, a primary school teacher in the Wollongong area (NSW) and working in a School for Specific Purposes via Zoom. Alia shares with us:

* about herself

* the journey into wanting to be a teacher

* stories and experiences in school for her

* how she is now involved as a SSP teacher and the exciting ventures and challenges that come with it

* how self-care and thoughts may look for a teacher

* 'Quick Fire Five' round


You can find Alia's teaching journey through instagram: @shapinglittlelives

Episode 8

Over a cappuccino I chat to Jo Edgar of Mrs Edgars' Teacher Planners via Zoom. Jo shares with us:

* about herself

* what led her to designing planners after teaching for 10 years

* balancing family life and work life

* importance on taking care of yourself

* 'Quick Fire Five' round


You can find Jo's planners and sticker books on her website https://mrsedgar.com.au/

Instagram: @mrsedgarsclass

Sign up to her newsletter and follow on instagram for news and updates for upcoming releases.

Episode 7

Over a cup of Pearl Tea (he can explain what it is if you've never heard of it before) I chat to Sam Robinson, a radio presenter for Sydney's Hope 103.2 and podcaster via Zoom. Sam shares with us:

* about himself

* his pathway through media into radio presenting

* stories of internship days on television production

* importance on mental wellbeing and support networking

* 'Quick Fire Five' round


You can catch Sam on Hope 103.2 in Sydney week mornings with his co-host Duncan Robinson: www.hope1032.com.au

What Shall We Do About...? Podcast on Apple Podcasts

Instagram: @whatshallwedoabout

Episode 6

Over a cup of Green Tea (with an aroma of passionfruit) I chat to Jaclyn Kemp of Linen and Wove via Zoom. Jaclyn shares with us:

* about herself

* her passion and experience in graphic design

* advice about internshipping

* the positives of party preparations for kids

* ways she unwinds and enjoys the little things

* 'Quick Fire Five' round


You can catch Jaclyn at Linen and Wove: www.linenandwove.com

Instagram: @linenandwove

Episode 5

Over a cup of double shot espresso I chat to Helen Kelly of Brisbane Handlettering via Zoom. Helen shares with us:

* about herself

* how she got started in hand lettering, and her passion behind it

* supporting the artistic and creative community

* self care in a digital age, and what she does to take care

* 'Quick Fire Five' round


You can catch Helen at Brisbane Handlettering: https://brisbanehandlettering.com.au

Instagram: @brisbanehandlettering

Episode 4

Over a cup of coffee I chat to Ella Rathbone of ellarathbone.com via Zoom. Ella shares with us:

* about her life

* how handlettering propelled her into running her own business

* business coaching for mums

* caring for yourself first

* our first round ever of 'Quick Fire Five' with our guests


You can catch Ella Rathbone via:

Business coaching: www.ellarathbone.com

Instagram: @ellarathbone

Special Episode

In this very special release episode we are playing Quick Fire Five with our previous guests Daniel Simone, Desiree Crawford and Anthony Dunstan as we have released our first game over our cuppa in our previous episode with Ella Rathbone.

I hope you enjoy playing along. You can comment on any questions asked via our social pages. Facebook and Instagram both @cuppawithheather

Daniel Simone: Simone Homes

Desiree Crawford: Beyond Leadership Coaching

Anthony Dunstan: 24 Fit Club, Macarthur

Episode 3

Over cups of green tea and sparkling water (with grape aloe) I chat to husband and wife team Anthony and Fiona Dunstan of 24 Fit Club Macarthur via Zoom. They share with us:

* about themselves

* How 24 Fit Club got started

* What fuels their passion to keep Fit Club running (and the move online)

* Self care advice

24 Fit Club Macarthur: https://www.fitclubmacarthur.com.au/

Facebook: Fit Club - Healthy Active Lifestyle

Fiona - Zumba: https://www.zumba.com/en-US/profile/fiona-dunstan/1751718 (online is available, check facebook page)

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